Cats vs Dogs

I roughly classify people into Cat or Dog people. This is not necessarily about the animals they like but about their approach to friendship groups.

Dogs – They have a pack. They want to stay with their pack.  These people stay in their home towns and have the same friends forever.

Cats – They roam where they wish, keeping whichever company they choose. They don’t have the same friends over time, they switch friendship groups easily.

I am some what between the two. I don’t need friends around me at all points but I do want to have the same friends over time. I have dubbed my close friends my Clan, rather than my pack. People I will help be they be far distant or not seen for a few years. I’m guessing people were more dog-like in the past but have been becoming more cat-like as people become more mobile and independent.

I’m not sure where I am going with this. But it is important for view of Clan and community.


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