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Brave Mechanised World

–Warning spoilers for Brave New World follow.–

I was thinking about how to engage people in social change without forcing them to watch news which is unpleasant for some people and may or may not be bad for you.

This got to me thinking about making activism fun or at least not preachy, which has been a theme of a couple of my friends recently. And I got to wonder why Brave New World hasn’t been given a recent cinematic airing recently. So perhaps a re-visitation is in order? So here is my movie idea. n.b. I am not a movie maker, so it is unlikely to happen, just my playfulness kicking in. Continue reading


Cats vs Dogs

I roughly classify people into Cat or Dog people. This is not necessarily about the animals they like but about their approach to friendship groups.

Dogs – They have a pack. They want to stay with their pack.  These people stay in their home towns and have the same friends forever.

Cats – They roam where they wish, keeping whichever company they choose. They don’t have the same friends over time, they switch friendship groups easily.

I am some what between the two. I don’t need friends around me at all points but I do want to have the same friends over time. I have dubbed my close friends my Clan, rather than my pack. People I will help be they be far distant or not seen for a few years. I’m guessing people were more dog-like in the past but have been becoming more cat-like as people become more mobile and independent.

I’m not sure where I am going with this. But it is important for view of Clan and community.

Recursive Internetwork Architecture – Introduction

People need to be able to communicate together. They also need to be able to control the way they are allowed to communicate together, rather than being having to use a specific technology with the naming controlled by other people.

This is where the recursive internetwork architecture comes in. Rather than having a central authority on how things are named, numbered and messages moved around, Recursive Internetwork Architecture (RINA) allows a bunch of networks to come together and each control their own patches how they would like, but still be able communicate.

More on this later.