This will be my blog. A place for me to improve my writing style. My pulpit, my /dev/null.

The title is an indication of what I want to do with it, I want to pull together some strands of myself into a coherent entity. The major strands are:

  1. Playfulness – I am a very silly person. I often spend more time with kids and animals in social settings as they want to play more. This blog will host some of my silly creation and musings. I do try not to play with people’s hearts but I fear it sometimes happens.
  2. Independence – Independent doesn’t really cut it. I like people, but I also like to not be around people. Independence will manifest itself here in talking about technology/health/knowledge and other such things that enable one to be by oneself.
  3. Community – Despite not being a people person, the people around me are important to me. Not to bore the socks off people, discussions of this aspect will mainly be about general trends in society and some of my philosophy towards my loosely coupled self-appointed clan.
  4. Survival – Mainly of humanity, but personal as well. It hooks in with independence as when you are fully independent you have the means to survive. Technology obviously plays apart.

There will be a certain amount of introspection, which will serve as sort of a manual for the operation of myself. Sufficiently strange that I am,  it might save time and heart ache if my quirks and idiosyncrasies were laid bare. Consider myself an unreliable narrator of my story though, but I shall strive to tell my current truth or at least the part of it I wish to reveal.

I shall try to use these as tags and probably a landing page for each thread. Now I am bored and other things I shall now be scheming.

Oh most posts will be long term projects.